Diving beneath the North Pole

When Mariam Ferdous was at college, she really wanted to play football or basketball. But at that time, women weren’t allowed to play these sports and the only options available at gym were aerobics and swimming.

But Mariam wanted “to do something, not extreme, but something really, really interesting.” Then in 2006, she saw a group of people diving and her interest was piqued.

9 years later, Mariam Ferdous became the first Saudi woman and one of only three women worldwide to dive at the North Pole (90 degrees N).

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.56.17
Mariam waves the Saudi flag proudly, soon after she became the first Saudi woman to dive at the North Pole.
Mariam 4
One of three triangular holes: One for the entry point and two for emergencies.
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