Bliss Run

Every day, in most cities around the world, women lace up their running shoes and head out the door to run in the streets and parks of their community. However, in cities around Saudi Arabia, this is a relatively new phenomenon for women.

Until 2013, girls in public schools weren’t allowed to do sport at school and you rarely saw women exercising in public. The reason for this: restrictions placed on women regarding physical activity outside their homes.

Bliss run group
Bliss Run is not just about running. They cycle and do bootcamp, as well. Photo supplied by Bliss Run.

But things have changed. For the last few years, women and girls running, walking, and cycling in public has become a common sight.

I met up with the group Bliss Run here in Jeddah and they shared their stories about what this has meant for them.

Blissrun stretchin
Stretching after a run. The sporty abaya has made exercising in public so much easier. Photo supplied by Bliss Run.



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